Night Vision Depot AN/PVS-7D SFK Kit Ultra Mil Spec
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Our PVS-7D Special Forces Kits combines those accessories most often required for special operations into one easy to purchase package which can meet most immediate fielding requirements.

The AN/PVS-7B/D night vision goggle is the current military issue night vision goggle for the US armed forces. It is also the preferred choice of many foreign (NATO) forces. Built to withstand the rigors of battlefield use, the PVS-7B/D was designed to withstand water immersion and be hands free.

Features include an infrared LED (for use in complete darkness and assist in reading maps), an LED warning light (which is built into the unit to remind the user that the infrared LED can be seen by others who are using night vision devices), a low battery warning light (built into the unit), and there a high light cutoff (which will turn the unit off if it is left on during daylight conditions).

The PVS-7B/D runs on two AA batteries and power the unit for more than 40 hours. For optimum performance, maximum durability, and the best possible supportability, the AN/PVS-7B is the best choice for law enforcement, home security, outdoorsmen, boaters, campers, wildlife studies, or predator control.

Field of View

Magnification one power (1X)
Diopter Adjustment -6 to +2 Diopters
Eye Relief 15mm
Focus Range 25cm to infinity
Power Source 2 AA-Size Batteries
Objective Lens 27mm, f/1.2
Weight (w/o batteries) 24 ounces

6"L x 6"W x 3"H


All Units Include: PVS-7D Goggle with tube/system data sheet, Soft Carry Case, Hard Carry and Storage Case, Eyecups, Lens Cap, Neckcord, AA Batteries (2), LIF (for DOD Only), Operators Manual, Lens Paper, Compass Assembly, Headmount Assembly, Helmet Mount MICH (A3256368-2), Carry Strap, Retaining Clip, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Window, Glow Tape Squares Kit (3 ea with velcro backing) and IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly.

  • Item #: NVD-7-SFK-ULT
  • Manufacturer: NVDepot
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NVD-7-SFK-ULT
  • Condition: New

Night Vision Depot AN/PVS-7D SFK Kit Ultra Mil Spec

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