Superior Tactical Digital AN/PVS-14   Stryker 14
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NEW AN / PVS-14 Style Digital Night Vision Monocular Scope, Digital Stryker 14
This AN/PVS-14 "style" night vision goggle unit features a CMOS imaging sensor in the objective lens that captures ambient light, which is then sent to the signal microprocessor for amplification and then projected on a television style LED display in the eyepiece. It can also be used in full daylight. During the daylight the image will be in color, at night it will be in black and white. The night viewing distance will depend on how much supplemental and ambient light is available. Comes in an AN / PVS-14 polymer body, and can be handheld, mounted to an NVG arm for use with a tactical helmet, or weapon mounted to a standard Picatinny scope rail. These are not designed to be fired with a real rifle, doing so may result in damage to the unit. Included with your purchase is a Picatinny weapon rail adapter, a J-Arm Rhino helmet adapter, and an OD green carrying case
• Magnification: 2x
• Resolution: 330x224 pixels
• Objective lens: 28mm
• Field of view: 6.4deg
• Minimum observation distance: 0.8mm
• Night sensor: 1/4" CMOS
• Display device: LED
• Supplemental lighting: IR LED illuminator
• Power: 2 AA batteries
• Battery life: 2.5 hours, 1.5 hours when using the IR LED
• Weight: 260grams (w/o battery), 310grams (w/battery)
  • Item #: DS-14
  • Manufacturer: Superior Tactical
  • Condition: New

Superior Tactical Digital AN/PVS-14 Stryker 14

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