Digital Night Vision

Digital Night Vision makes high quality Night Vision affordable! Using a digital NV scope rather than an optical night vision scope offers many advantages to the user, including high image quality, lower cost, and great flexibility. Image quality with a digital night scope can match or even surpass Gen2 and Gen3 optical units. Another advantage offered by digital night vision technology is the digital display screen. On select models, the LCD screen can be adjusted for viewing brightness, dimmed to help maintain the user's concealment, and even changed between different display colors. Each color offers various advantages to the user - red is best for preserving an observer's night vision; traditional NV green can be used for its wider range of color shades, and black and white offers the most natural and crisp image, with phenomenal color contrast while giving off the least peripheral light, helping to maintain concealment. And these night vision scopes can be turned on in any lighting conditions. The intensifier systems of older optical night scopes may be damaged when activated under daylight conditions; however, digital night scopes can be used even in broad daylight. Most digital scopes also come with a USB outlet port, so you can record and save your images to a computer. We sell a number of great digital night vision scopes in our online store, from leading manufacturers like Pulsar, Yukon and Bushnell, with options to suit a variety of tactical and security needs. For decades, optical Night Vision Devices (NVDs) have undergone a slow, steady evolution as image intensifier technology improved. Now comes a quantum leap forward, with Digital Night Vision technology.