M18 Recon,  320 X 240, 15 FOV NO Laser
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The FLIR Recon® M18 Thermal Pocket Scope is a rugged system that is ideally designed for first responders, search and rescue teams, law enforcement professionals, and surveillance mission specialists. The Recon® M18 is a small, portable, and lightweight system that also includes the ability to record high quality streaming video. The system also includes a wide array of features to assist the end user in enhancing the system’s abilities under varying conditions, these include: reticle select, polarity, color palettes, display brightness, digital zoom (2X or 4X), and image enhancement modes with STACE™ digital enhancement. STACE™ technology is a high contrast and image sharpening enhancement software program which improves resolution and identification. The Recon M18 is powered by (2) CR123 batteries with run time of approximately 3 hours.

Customized options for this system are a 320x240 or 640x480 resolution display, and choice of no laser or with an infrared or visible laser pointer (Lasers are restricted to Govt Sales only). All models of the Recon® M18 are US manufactured and come with a One Year warranty.

Technical Specifications

FPA resolution 320 x 240
E-Zoom 2x, 4x digital
Field of view 15
Versatility Extender lens option
Image display 640 x 480 color OLED
Image adjustments AGC/ALC, manual, polarity, color, STACE digital image enhancement
User controls On/off laser, AGC/ALC, manual calibration, NUC, reticle select, polarity, color palettes, display brightness, image enhancement modes, digital zoom
Calibration On demand
Reticle Auto-scale with zoom
Video out NTSC
Power source Two 3V CR123 batteries
Battery life >3.5 hours with 320 array
Output Video (Standard NTSC)
Weight 14 oz (~400 grams) with batteries
Mounting 1/4-20 tripod mount
Dimensions 5x3.25x2.25
Operating temp -32 to +55 C
Environmental MIL-STD 810F
Water immersion 66' for 1 hour
  • Item #: 27667-212
  • Manufacturer: FLIR
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M18
  • Condition: New

M18 Recon, 320 X 240, 15 FOV NO Laser

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