MX-11769 Image Intensifier F9815 & F9415

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The F9815 is a Gen 3 18mm image intensifier manufactured by ITT Industries Night Vision. The F9815 (MX11769 type) is used in the AN/PVS-14 night vision monocular and several weaponsights. Call or e-mail us for specific applications and use.

The F9815 series image intensifier consists of a high efficiency GaAs photocathode bonded to a glass input window, a microchannel plate (MCP) current amplifier, and a P-43 phosphor screen deposited on non inverting fiber optic output window. The Gen 3 photocathode is very sensitive to low radiation levels of visible and, especially, near infrared light. Tube lifespan is an average of 12,000 hours continuous use.

The F9815 also incorporates a variable gain power supply which gives the user the ability to adjust the tube gain or brightness in the field. This can be extremely helpful under high or low light conditions.

The F9815 is available in several grades (see chart below) based upon performance and blemishes (imperfections in the image). All F9815 tubes come with a tube data sheet listing the following specifications: Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N), Resolution, EBI (electronic background input), HALO, Photocathode Response (PR). These specifications are the most critical to the actual tube performance, as no two tubes are exactly alike.

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